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Have Some Chocolate

Title: Have Some...Chocolate
Author: padawanewan
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Puppies (OTP):P
Word Count: No, not really.
Disclaimer: Oh, if only the pups were mine...or Ewan, or Jon(Ok, Noc...Jon, for you.)

Remus let a low, sultry, possessive growl rumble in his throat as he took his mate's chocolate-covered cock deeper in his mouth. He locked feral amber eyes with feral pale grey ones. A stray thought entered his mind. 'Hmmm...since the day he became a werewolf and we both accepted the wolves his eyes changed.' Remus was a grey wolf and his love, his Star, was a pure black wolf. Oh, and the things they gained - the things born Lycans enjoyed. Twice the lifespan of wizards, twice the magic, no pain during the change. In this they were as one, as in all things. Love, desire, obsession and posessesion.

Sirius shuddered as he looked into Remus eyes. He pulled his Moon up for another soul-shattering kiss.

Both their heads turned as one, at their latest toy's faint tortured moan. It paid to be good at their chosen profession. They were their Lord's favorite assassins - Silver and Black, or as Voldemort referred to them...Shadows of the Moon. This toy was their ultimate gift. They had given their Lord his greatest desire...Harry Potter. Remus and Sirius had tortured him slowly, for days, before the various Death Eaters, most especially the Malfoys - Father and son, had finished him. The Dark Lord was so pleased he granted their only wish and more - freedom for Lycans, unlimited power and wealth and.... Severus Snape to settle the score with. They had already paid James and Peter for their interference.

Remus called out in a low, sexy voice...one he knew used to drive Severus mad with desire...that always drove his mate to desire. "Sev, Sev, Sev...what's wrong?" He looked down at his lover's smirking face and winked as he smiled and slid over to Severus, pinned to the wall with quite a few poisoned daggers. Remus trailed a finger down Severus ruined body, slowly. He murmured, "Hmmm...all that teasing, the promises...when all I could think of was, watching you die."

Sirius chuckled. "Snivvy, what my lover is saying so sweetly is...we win, you die." He looked at Remus and gave him an evil smile, filled with dark, heated promises - of things mere mortals dare not aspire to, of passion and want, of desire and the darkness they embraced together. "Love, finish him...I want you to fuck me until we scream each other's names."

Remus smirked darkly. He went back to Sirius and ran a melting square of dark chocolate down his lover's cock, again. Remus pulled his last dagger from under the pillows on the silk-covered bed. He rubbed the last of the confection on the blade, before he threw it, embedding it in Severus' heart.

As the traitor's life ended, Remus whispered, "Have some chocolate."


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