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Title: Voodoo
Word count: 1060
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: not mine
AN: written by padawanewan and nocturnali

Remus walked into the bedroom of the high security penthouse he shared with his mate. He stopped at the doorway and whispered, "Chaos of thought and passion, all confused." Even after all these years together, seeing Sirius sleeping on black, pure silk sheets was stunning.

Remus waved his hand and the music started, low and sultry. The beat was hypnotic. He walked to the sleeping figure and drew a finger softly down the silk covered body.

Remus grinned to himself. He had been on an assignment. There would be no more 'boy who lived'. Harry and his wife had had a rather unfortunate accident with some well placed daggers. He had done it for - the money, the power and because the little bastard had insulted Sirius, once. Once was enough.

Following the path of the sheet with his tongue, Remus breathed in the scent that was Sirius. The sweetness of clove, ginger and cinnamon mixed with a musk that was his mate. He adored it, worshipped Sirius and would never get enough.

Reaching Sirius' uncovered cock, Remus smiled and slowly caressed it with his fingertips. He drew a line down and then up the underside with his tongue. Fuck, Sirius tasted good. If he smelled intriguing, he tasted better. It was addictive and Remus never wanted the addiction cured. He saw Sirius beginning to stir. Remus called out softly. "I'm home, love." He chuckled.

When Sirius slept, he slept soundly, albeit restlessly.
He shifted his hips and moaned softly.
This wouldn’t be the first time he’d dreamed of Remus giving him head while he was asleep. Without opening his eyes, his hand reached for his cock. Instead of contacting with the firm smooth flesh it brushed against hair. His eyes snapped open and he looked down to see his lover, head resting on hands, elbows propped either side of his hips, grinning at him.

"I'm home, love."

Not a dream, a wonderful reality.
He’d missed Remus. More then he’d ever admit, even to himself.
Especially not to Remus who had refused to let him go too. Had slipped out very early in the morning after a night of extremely energetic sex. Sirius had been furious when he’d woken up alone. He’d sulked all morning before realising that there was no point in sulking if Remus wasn’t there too sulk at and instead hexed the neighbour’s stupid Pomeranian – no more yapping for that furball – and got drunk.

He ran his fingers through the soft tawny strands of Remus’ hair, marveling at the contrast of colours.
He was still annoyed, wasn’t he?
“I can see that… love.”
It would take a lot more than a lick to his cock to make him forgive… Oh fuck! That tongue was licking again, drawing his cock into Remus’ mouth. Hot breath surrounded him… hot and wet and soft.
Remus dragged his lips along the shaft, hearing the incoherent moan, knowing he was the only one who could cause Sirius to moan like that.

Remus’ hands slid up Sirius’ chest, as he followed them with his tongue. He stopped when he was laying on his mate, hands buried in the only black silk he truly loved and his tongue deep in and around Sirius’ mouth. More, always more. He couldn’t fuck enough, kiss enough, and love enough. Sirius is, was and would always be his world. He would and had killed for him. James, Lily, Harry…There was no betrayal. The day they became lovers Remus was committed. When he and Sirius tired of the pathetic weaknesses of the others, they did what they were best at…they became the Dark.

Pulling back from the kiss Remus whispered, “Don’t be mad. I love you.” He smirked then. “On the plus side, the fuckwit and that trash he married were damn surprised, nice Professor Lupin was eviscerating them.

Remus ran his hands over the warm skin of his love. He leaned in for another slow kiss, tasting and easing the pain of missing his other half. Remus whispered, “I missed you.”

Sirius melted into the kisses, vaguely missing the head job. He knew that giving head was just one of many things Remus knew how to do, and do brilliantly, but many of the others – Remus particular kinks – had a far better effect on him, leaving him harder for longer.

“I love you too… and I missed you.” He murmured against soft lips. “And, much as I love the feel of leather I want to feel you.” He pushed the supple leather jacket from his lover’s shoulders, kissing and biting the neck that was revealed.

With his hands on Remus’ shoulders, Sirius flipped the other man onto the bed and in one quick move was sitting astride him. His long fingers deftly unfastened the tight leather trousers gracing Remus’ frame. Remus raised his hips accommodatingly as Sirius eased the trousers down.
One finger traced Remus’ mouth, trailing down his neck and chest where it flicked and pinched a nipple. Sirius leaned down and let his tongue and teeth worry the other one, feeling his lover’s cock harden against his belly. He delighted in the appreciative sounds spilling from Remus’ lips. Mouth and fingers ceased their ministrations and trailed slowly downwards.
Remus felt a tongue on his cock, lips closing around it…
When he thrust gently into Sirius’ mouth, Sirius dragged his lips up the shaft and with a final lick, left Remus’ cock, hard and wet. He shuddered and moaned.

Sirius sat up, his hand around Remus’ cock, gently stroking. “Was it fun? Tell me.”

Remus pulled Sirius forward roughly for a kiss. He whispered, “Fucking tease.”

Sitting up, while holding tightly onto Sirius, Remus moved to rest his back against the head board. In between kisses, licks, bites to his lover's throat and shoulder, Remus told what had happened. “Fun? It was a fucking blast. I went with my leathers transfigured into those worn-out robes.” More kisses and he went on. “The look of shock as my blade slid in. It almost felt like my cock sliding in your body.”

Remus wrapped his arms around Sirius and sighed. “I do have a surprise for you.” He grinned. “For all our hard work, beyond the power and wealth, the Dark Lord has given us a toy. We are to take as long as we like to break him.”


The AU Lives of Remus Lupin and Sirius Black

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