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Title: Damn James
Word count: 482
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: not mine

“Damn James!”
“Calm down Sirius.”

Sirius sauntered over to Remus’ bed, where he was recovering from the transformation of the previous night.
“Damnit Remus, we had him.”

Remus reached out a hand and caught that of his agitated boyfriend. “I know, we’ll get another chance.”

“Not like that we won’t. It was too perfect.” Sirius sat down. “You kill him, eat the evidence and blam… perfect.” Sirius waved his arms around animatedly to illustrate his point.

Remus grimaced. “Ugh, no Padfoot. I don’t actually eat people. But I would’ve killed him. Your transfiguration skills would have concealed the evidence. Snivellus would have just disappeared.”

Sirius closed his eyes. “And wouldn’t that have been nice?” he sighed and picked up the ever present chocolate on the bedside cabinet. “Damn James! And Peter! Why did he have to stick his nose in?”


“He saw Snivellus going into the tunnel, and told James.”

“Ah. Anyone know it was you who told him to go?”

Sirius rolled his eyes. “Well yeah. Snape does. Don’t think he won’t tell anyone.” He popped two squares of the dark chocolate into his mouth.

“Hmmmm. I wonder how you’ll get out of this one.” He laughed. “Have some chocolate.”

"Mmmm, thanks. Don't worry about me. I'll get out of it the way I usually do."

"Dumbledore will be furious with you. Not to mention McGonagall."

Sirius shrugged. "Snape didn't see Moony?"

Their eyes met and Remus idly wondered if he was going to have any chocolate left. He shrugged. "I don't know. You'll soon find out, I suppose."

"Damnit! This could have been so perfect. Instead it's turned into a major fuck up."

Remus watched more of the chocolate disappear into Sirius' mouth, watched as Sirius licked a little melted chocolate from his fingertips.
He wondered how Sirius could be so irritated and so sexy at the same time. He laughed softly to himself. Here they were commiserating over the fact that they hadn't managed to kill a fellow student and all Remus could think about was finding a way to get that mouth and those fingers off of his chocolate and onto him.
“Snape will have to be made to shut up.”

“Leave it to me. Just as long as this doesn’t get you expelled… or in worse trouble.”

Remus laughed at that. “It won’t. After all, it wasn’t my fault. You are the only one to blame for this.”

A wicked smile appeared on Sirius’ lips. “Yes, true.” He adopted the ‘big eyed lost puppy’ look that invariably got him what he wanted. “And will you ever forgive me for the oh-so-stupid prank that nearly got Snivellus killed?”

Remus’ hand grabbed the tie hanging loosely around his boyfriend’s neck and pulled Sirius’ face closer to his. “We’ll just have to try harder next time.” he whispered hoarsely and captured Sirius’ mouth in a deep chocolate tasting kiss.


The AU Lives of Remus Lupin and Sirius Black

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